Out in the Wild Learning



A play-based adventure preschool in West Seattle that focuses on social and emotional learning, exploration in nature, imagination and fun!

Ages 3-5.

Why Out in the Wild?
It feels better out here! After teaching in the classroom for years, Teacher Louise decided to switch to outdoor learning. Children have so much energy and being outdoors allows them to move their bodies in the ways they crave – running, jumping, climbing, and lifting big sticks, to name a few. But outdoor learning doesn’t just have physical benefits. The imaginative play inspired by being outside is enriched by natural elements and the changing seasons. Exploring nature also inspires the cycle of wonder and helps children understand the interconnectedness and importance of living beings so that they grow up to be caretakers of the natural world.


"Out in the Wild Learning has been the perfect environment for my four-year-old to flourish. He’s made friends with his classmates, learns about local plants and critters, and is clearly developing new social skills. And I have appreciated that Louise is exceedingly patient and creative when my kid is having a hard time at camp. I am so grateful for the time my kid has been at OWL." Sohroosh, parent

"Dear Teacher Louise, I love you. I know the other kids love you, too. The park is our home." – Ida, student

"Both my kids have had the pleasure of having Louise as a teacher and they absolutely love her. She has created such a strong and beautiful community with the kids who attend the outdoor school. Her enthusiasm for learning and exploring keeps the kids engaged and marveling at our beautiful world. We feel truly lucky that she has been in our children’s lives! My son is a happy guy, but this is the happiest I’ve ever seen him. Thank you!"

-Lesley, parent


9:00 drop off and play

9:30 snack and circle

10:00 story time

10:30 exploration (walks, projects, games and learning)

12:00 lunch and free play

1:00 pick up

We see kids on a log. Kids see a ship, a horse, a house and beyond!

What we do while Out in the Wild:

adventuring, singing, dancing, storytelling, circle time, building, foraging, learning about plants and animals, art, games, walks, science experiments, math, drawing, letter practice, playing with sounds (pre-reading literacy skills)

Meet Teacher Louise

I’m a Seattleite who loves playing outside with kids, making music and moving my body joyfully.  I created Out in the Wild Learning because I knew that it was healthier for my students and I to spend our time outside.  After years of teaching indoors, I started OWL, which is my dream come true! We ramble through the forest, swim in the water and dance in the rain.  My goals as an educator are to make this kind of learning accessible and inclusive to diverse families, interact with our community and to have fun with my students while teaching them to care for the environment and one other.  As an educator, I’m known for my creativity, my ability to connect with students and my “zen-like” patience.  

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies and Spanish from U of Hawai’i and a Master’s in Teaching from Antioch.  I hold certifications in Teaching English as a Second Language, Green Education, Positive Discipline, Mindfulness Teaching, and Positive Psychology Coaching.  I have taught children in many different settings – gardening at Seattle Tilth, elementary school for SPS, Spanish and English as a second language abroad, dance, yoga, nature camp and preschool.